Entelechy Talent Consulting - Helping you overcome the Construction Talent Crisis


The launch of Entelechy Talent Consulting - Helping you through the current hiring crisis in Construction


I read a great article this weekend, which was an interview with Kristine Newman, who was recently promoted to CFO for McCarthy Building Companies. She talked about the unique challenges facing the Construction industry which include not just inflation, but the post-COVID world and the unprecedented skills shortage.


While COVID has had a major impact not just on the number of people within the industry or the way we work (Hybrid, office, WFH?), there is also a large deficit in the number of the older generation retiring, compared to younger generation entering the industry. This coupled with the ever-growing number of projects in a booming market, is leaving companies with no choice but to operate leaner than ever and perhaps even turn projects away. No one wants that!


The skills shortage the industry is facing was nowhere near as pronounced as it is now. Newer, faster moving industries are paying more, offering better perks and sucking up all the future talent. And guess what? They too are struggling for talent, yet they are innovating in the field of recruitment. Cloud Technology companies, for example, are at the forefront of a recruitment revolution called the “hire-train-deploy” model which essentially outsources training of new staff and has them start as contractors while they embed into the client’s business. This is the innovation the Construction Industry has been lacking!


Kristine Newman rounds off the article by highlighting the Construction Industry’s reputation as being too traditional and argues for the need for diverse opinions in the sector. So what’s the answer? It’s simple. Make hiring a board level priority and let us help you implement money saving solutions.


Here at Entelechy Recruitment Group, we have developed a new arm to our business - Entelechy Talent Consulting. By working closely with our clients and helping them navigate their way through this hiring crisis, we aim to leave them better informed and better equipped to run their business the way the need to. We will perform an indepth audit of your Talent Acquisition function and based on our findings, will develop a future-state roadmap, making it world class.


If you would like to learn more about how we can support your business, please contact us on (512) 643 0818 or charlie.george@entelechyrecruitmentgroup.com