2022 Arizona Construction Salary Guide


We are very excited to deliver our first annual salary guide for our core construction market, Arizona. Most of the data will come as no surprise to many of you however what really struck me was the speed and ferocity of the rebound in construction activity. Such resilience in the face of unprecedented adversity has to be applauded.

The most interesting element of this report for us, unsurprisingly, is the ever-tightening labor market. This is a global phenomenon, affecting all industries and we are seeing innovative solutions being taken to overcome this challenge. But make no mistake, if you sleepwalk into this year, doing as you did last year, you will struggle. If you are not partnering with specialist staffing firms to help you meet this challenge, you are missing a trick. This doesn't just mean providing you with candidates but working with you to employ new tactics that will help you stay one step ahead of your competitors.

We are here to help and are available to discuss the report in greater detail, so please ask!

To get your copy, please E-Mail charlie.george@entelechyrecruitmentgroup.com.