RTO: The dilemma of 2021.


RTO: The dilemma of 2021.


I heard a great point today, on CNBC, where a prominent Contributor mentioned that “Lockdown is an event, while Re-opening is a process”. Across the globe, we are at various stages in that process. While the factors affecting that process are understandable (new cases, hospitalizations, vaccine rates etc.), how companies respond to that, especially with regards to Return To Office, is a lot more complex.


Almost every candidate we speak with has a strong opinion on what they want from their employer with regards to this, and should the policy not suit them, they are very much willing to make their voice known, through their feet. 


With this in mind, I read an excellent article highlighting key potints of consideration, when evaluating this complex issue. Many will have done this already but according to a number of the employees I’m speaking with, the execution may not be quite right and it would benefit some employers to revisit the issue.